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Make your Bouncepad iPad and tablet kiosk truly unique


Ideal for table stands

The Rotate is an extra base that allows desk mounted Bouncepads to smoothly pivot with a pleasing click at every 90° turn. Choose from 90°, 180° or 270° degrees of turn depending on how much movement you need.

The Rotate is fitted to your Bouncepad when we build it, so order it along with your chosen Bouncepad iPad and tablet kiosk to put an extra spin on things.



Add the flexibility to change your viewing angle

This extra allows you to adjust the viewing angle of your Bouncepad’s case through 36°; 18° above and below the centre point. Your Bouncepad tilts and stays where it is left.

The Tilt is fitted to your iPad kiosk and tablet enclosure when we build it, so order it along with your chosen Bouncepad.



Portrait or landscape orientation

This is particularly useful if you’re frequently changing between apps, as it allows you to switch your Bouncepad case’s orientation with a 90° turn. Users can turn the screen from a portrait look-book to a widescreen catwalk video with ease.

The Switch is fitted to your iPad kiosk and tablet enclosure when we build it, so order it along with your chosen Bouncepad.


Freestanding Base

No drilling holes in your furniture!

The Freestanding Base allows any desk mounted Bouncepad to be installed without the need for power tools. Weighing in at 2.5kg, the Freestanding Base feels stable yet is easy to move around.

This is ideal for temporary installations such as exhibitions and food trucks, where your Bouncepad tablet enclosure needs to be moved between locations.

It comes complete with a fixing point for the Jacloc Loop lock to prevent snatch ‘n’ grabs. Cabling is concealed via a channel in the base, keeping your tablet continuously powered.


Pos Card Reader

The MagTek uDynamo Card Reader Mount

Our card reader seamlessly attaches to the Bouncepad case, making your tablet fit for mag-strip card based applications including self-payment terminals and check-in kiosks.

All you need to do is attach your MagTek uDynamo card reader snugly inside its mount.

This product is a mount only; provide your own MagTek uDynamo Card Reader, available from MagTek’s website.


Chip and pin cradle

Perfect way to store and present Bluetooth Chip & Pin readers

Order along with your chosen Bouncepad, or pair with the Bouncepad Flip POS for the ultimate iPad and tablet enclosure POS unit. Choose in black or white to match your installation.

Compatible card readers include:

  • PayPal Here V1 & V2
  • Magtek DynaPro Mini
  • iZettle, iZettle Lite, & iZettle Pro Contactless
  • Payleven
  • Adyen
  • Handpoint BluePad 50
  • Miura M010 & Shuttle

Rear Facing Camera

Unlock the potential of your camera

Teamed with the right app, this allows you to scan QR codes and tickets or open up creative opportunities for your brand with augmented reality or photography-based apps.


Audio Port

Let your tablet do the talking

Order the Audio Port extra along with your chosen Bouncepad tablet display stand and we will wire up its case so that all you have to do is plug the audio jack into your tablet.

If you don’t want your headphones to plug into the outside of the case, order the Headphone Hanger.

Securely run cabling through the inside of the case instead, and out via the hanger’s neck-ring.


Headphone Hanger

A match made in audio heaven

Keep your headphones tidy with the Headphone Hanger. Ordered along with the Audio Port extra in any colour to match your Bouncepad, the Headphone Hanger can be added to your Bouncepad Floorstanding as part of the simple assembly process. 

With the Headphone Hanger you’ll create a beautifully neat iPad floor stand with sound; perfect for exhibitions, galleries and retail environments.


Branding Boards

A clear call to action increases engagement by 60%

In busy environments, customers need a visual cue to guide them to your digital content and communicate your call-to-actions.

Branding Boards command attention and speak louder than words. Choose from three sizes or talk to us about custom shapes. You create the designs and we take care of the rest.

  • Full Height
  • Half Height
  • Placard Board

Custom Colours

Add a splash of colour to your branded environment

Be as creative as you like and pick a shade from anywhere in the colour spectrum. Just send us your RAL colour references and we’ll do the rest. If you only have a Pantone reference, use this Pantone to RAL colour converter.


Apple Cables

MFi Approved 2m Lightning Cable

Specifically designed for optimum fit inside Bouncepad cases.

The right-angled connector is smaller than your standard iPad lightning connector, meaning less wear and tear for the cable once placed inside its case. Produced under Apple’s MFi licensing program, this cable is durable and quality certified.

This is required to keep your cabling concealed with the slim fit design of the Bouncepad Mini case, as a standard lightning cable will not fit inside. Order alongside your chosen Bouncepad or Bouncepad Mini.


Power Extension Cable

Extend the reach of Apple USB Power Adaptors

The 1.8m extension lead is compatible with USB charging adaptors featuring a figure 8 connection, such as the USB Power Adapter supplied with Apple iPads.

Designed to hide inside the base of our Floorstanding or Flip models to prevent theft.


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