Pick it up, sit it on your lap, pass it to a friend

Bouncepad Lounge

Release your tablet into the wild

1.8 metre reinforced steel charging cable

Designed for sharing, this enclosure is perfect for casual settings such as waiting rooms, lounges and lobbies. Users enjoy the feeling of an untethered, free use experience, all while protecting and securing your asset.

Flexible and portable, versatile and simple, suitable for a range of uses and environments.

Bouncepad Longe - Release Your Tablet
Bouncepad Lounge - Free Your Camera


With the right App the potential is endless

Bouncepad Lounge liberates the rear camera exposure, so users can take and share photos, scan tickets and QR codes and interact with your product or event.

Interchangeable Faceplates

Ours are 100% custom made

We understand that each project has its own set of unique challenges. That’s why we designed Bouncepad’s as a modular platform, giving you the flexibility of over 1000 possible combinations.

Bouncead Desk | Interchangelable Faceplates


Make your Bouncepad iPad & tablet kiosk truly unique

Bouncepad | Rear Facing Camera
Rear Facing Camera
Bouncepad | Apple Cable
Apple Approved Cable (2m)
Bouncepad | Audio Port
Audio Port
Bouncepad | Brand Printing
Brand Printing
Bouncepad | Custom Colours and Branding
Custom Colours
Bouncepad | Chip & PIN
Chip & PIN


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Bouncepad Device Compatibility

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Bouncepad invented the
tablet kiosk in 2010

The smooth curved edges and accessible shape of every Bouncepad is no accident. Read the story about how it all began.

Elegant design and clean lines promote usability and the results are an engaging platform that delivers the attention your digital messaging deserves.

Bouncepad | The Original and the Best


Technical specifications

7-8″ Tablet Data Sheet
10″ iPad Data Sheet
10″ Windows & Android Data Sheet

“Bouncepad Desk & Lounge helped us to improve the service offer to our consumers and encourage repeat visits”