Choose the perfect viewing angle

Jacloc Desk 30

30 ̊

Low-height surface positioning

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Jacloc Desk 45

45 ̊

Low-height surface positioning

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Jacloc Desk 60

60 ̊

Low-height surface positioning

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Jacloc Desk Flex


Moves in all directions for any height install

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Jacloc Desk Tilt


Adjustable for any height install

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Jacloc Desk Base

+ Base

Freestanding, stable & no drill holes

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Why you will love your Jacloc kiosk

Our range of iPad kiosk & tablet stands are designed to improve user experience & increase engagement


Desk kiosks – Create an engaging, customer-focused experience with our range of Desk iPad kiosk & tablet stands. You can feel secure knowing your device is protected by our sturdy yet stylish enclosures.


The product range looks fantastic, is made with high-quality components and an ideal solution for any retail or commercial environment.


Available in white or black. However, if you are after a custom colour or design, contact our team. We love challenging projects!

Jacloc Desk Black/White


Lock Up Capability

Secure Enclosure

Keep your device safe with a fully enclosed housing and master lock

Kensington Lock

Kensington Lock Slot

Add an extra layer of security by fixing your tablet stand to your furniture

Aluminium Alloy Tube

Aluminium & Steel

Constructed from high grade metals with professional powder coating


Custom Fit Kit

Fire resistant, anti-static premium rubber inserts for the perfect fit

Fit Kit

User Access 

Choose any combination of access to your home button & front camera

Cable Management

Cable Management

Power cords are protected from all twists, turns & articulations

No Exposed

Our patented design ensures there are no exposed wires or cables to provide a safer and more durable kiosk stand for your tablet.


For more information contact our sales team on 1800 077 375 or email

Exposed Cords Good

Designed with a patented protective enclosure that is exclusive to Jacloc

Exposed Cords Bad

You won’t find ball and socket connections in any of our products


Landscape Portrait Switch


Move from portrait to landscape with our built-in 90-degree swivel mechanism


Rotate Base

Smoothly pivot your tablet enclosure 270° degrees, and back again

Free Standing Base

Freestanding Base

Offering a stable yet portable base so you don’t need to drill holes in your furniture


We understand that each project has its own set of unique challenges. That’s why we designed our Jacloc iPad kiosk & tablet stands as a modular platform, giving you the flexibility of a thousand possible combinations.


Our enclosures can be quickly transformed to accommodate a new tablet model or change the level of user access to the Home Button and Front Camera.

Jacloc Kiosk Custom Design

We support all leading tablet brands

Samsung Galaxy Logo
Microsoft Surface Logo

If your tablet is not listed, no worries just let us know

Microsoft Surface Logo

Perfect for all industries