Can I charge the tablet inside the enclosure?

Yes. All our models allow for seamless cable management through the Case and Stem, allowing you to run your power cables internally to maintain a clean and safe display.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, All Jacloc iPad kiosk and tablet stands come with a one year warranty valid from the day of purchase.

*Conditions apply*

Plus we offer a 14-day change of mind money back guarantee.

Are your Kiosks waterproof?

Our Kiosks secure and lock in your tablet, however, they are not waterproof and will not protect your tablet from rain. The front of the enclosure is open and exposed so that your tablet is easily accessible.

Which tablets/iPads do you support?

Below is a table of the devices that are supported online. Be sure to select the correct device before purchase.

Please get in touch, we’d love to help.

IPAD MINI 1 & 2 IPAD AIR 1 & 2 IPAD PRO 12.9″ 2nd & 3rd Gen GALAXY TAB A 10.1″ 2019
IPAD MINI 3 & 4 IPAD AIR 3  IPAD PRO 12.9″ 4th & 5th Gen GALAXY TAB S2 9.7″
IPAD 2nd & 3rd Gen IPAD PRO 9.7″ GALAXY TAB A7 10.4″ MICROSOFT SURFACE 3 (10.8″)
IPAD 4th & 5th Gen IPAD PRO 11 1st Gen GALAXY TAB A8 10.5″ MICROSOFT SURFACE 4 (12.3″)
IPAD 6th Gen IPAD PRO 11 2nd Gen GALAXY TAB A 8″ 2017 & 2019 LENOVO E10
IPAD 7th & 8th Gen IPAD PRO 11 3rd Gen GALAXY TAB A 9.7″ LENOVO M10+ Gen 2 10.3″
IPAD 9th Gen IPAD PRO 10.5″ GALAXY TAB A 10.1″ If your model is not listed, please call us.
Are the Landscape to Portrait Switch, Rotating Base and the Tilting Stem functions difficult to install?

No. Each upgrade option is designed to be quick and easy to install with the movement mechanism hidden inside the enclosure. No exposed cables.

Installation Guides are provided, however if you are having any issues we are happy to assist you over the phone.

Do you supply a secure key with my order?

Yes. Each Jacloc iPad kiosk and tablet stand is supplied with a unique key. If you would like to have multiple units on the same key, just let us know and we can accommodate.

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