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Safe Reopening: Implementing Your Covid-Safe Plan with Jacloc Wall-Mounted Tablet Stands

Navigating a pandemic is no easy task for any business. We are adapting to new regulations and evolving health advice to create a COVID-safe environment for employees  and customers. Retailers, childcare providers, dentists, gyms and many other businesses are implementing contactless service strategies as per Safe Work Australia Covid-19 advice.

Covid-Safe Plans and Their Impact On Your Business

Many businesses are having to reconfigure their workspaces. The establishment of physical barriers, the reorganisation of seats, and the installation of wall-mounted tablets rank highly among social distance compliant measures being incorporated. To effectively protect visitors and employees, your business needs to embrace Covid-19 hygiene measures. Ensuring commonly touched surfaces are cleaned and disinfected regularly, hand sanitising, and promoting the use of antibacterial wipes in the workplace are some of the measures being implemented by organisations.

How to Implement Your Covid-Safe Plan with Jacloc Tablet Stands?

In fighting the spread of the virus, the use of wall-mounted tablet stands will go a long way in ensuring social distancing and COVID-19 hygiene measures are observed, thus keeping customers and employees safe.

Regardless of your industry, wall-mounted tablet stands allow you to create a contactless point of sales, thus reducing contact between staff and customers in your workplace in line with social distancing guidelines.

How to Use Tablet Stands to Open Business Safely.
  • Virtual Receptionist

You could use a tablet installed with a visitor management system at the entry point of your workplace. A wall-mounted tablet helps alleviate the risk of a receptionist to visitor transmission. Antibacterial wipes are then availed for cleaning the screen surface of the tablet in between use.

  • Strategically Setting Up Several Self-Check-Out Stations

Installation of numerous wall-mounted tablet stands in your facility greatly minimises the need for in-person interaction between clients and staff. The fact that fewer persons will be strolling around your business premises stifles avoidable risky interactions.

  • Automation of Payment Methods

Seize the opportunity of making your retail business more tech-savvy by mounting tablet stands on your business premises. By employing tablet applications, payments and receipts can be wired electronically. The technology will enable efficient, real-time, and contactless transactions.

  • Streamlining Workstations

Mounting tablets that are voice-activated or feature facial recognition could eliminate touch points that staff or clients come into contact with while offering a better user experience.

  • Perfect digital signage tool.

Retailers, childcare providers, dentists, gyms and many other businesses are using wall-mounted tablet technology as a digital signage solution. Additionally, they bring about an aesthetic appeal due to their sleek design. They allow viewers to get closer to information and to digest it in real time. This is a great option for displaying data to operatives, key sales information within showrooms and stores and even timetables or meeting room signage within an office or corporate setting.

iPad Wall Mounts
Why Choose Jacloc?

Jacloc’s range of secure iPad desk mounts and secure tablet enclosures offer a flexible range of device securing options that can be fully customised to meet the needs of your childcare centre and are easily cleaned to protect your staff and parents. Stocked in Australia, Jacloc mounts and enclosures are 100% secure, elegant and robust.