iPad floor standCOVID-19 restrictions have eased across many states where chains like Myer, Kathmandu and Adairs were the first to begin trial reopening. However, things are still far from business as usual in Australia. The government has transformed its Safe Work Australia site into a centralised information hub, for how to operate safely in the COVID-19 pandemic. It will be a different retail experience for sellers and consumers alike, experts say.

Store layouts have changed drastically to enable social distancing, and opening hours are still limited. The continual effort to avoid the spread of COVID-19 is an everyday concern. Creative solutions and innovative products are needed to ensure businesses protect both staff and shoppers.

IPad floor stands, or tablet kiosks, are being rolled out rapidly to support social distancing and contactless commerce, with the added benefit of allowing retailers to personalise their customer experience in stores. While the possibilities for customised, interactive touchscreens are endless, the use cases we’ve seen for retail so far typically fall into one of several categories:

1. Customer Retention and Engagement
  • Collect customer information and build an email marketing list
  • Encourage customer feedback and/or sign up for loyalty programs.
2. Product & Brand Awareness
  • Highlight new products
  • Promote weekly specials
3. Share background information about brands or products
  • Share information about how your business sources products, helping customers understand an essential part of your business that might otherwise go unseen.
4. Use iPad kiosks to create a virtual retail experience
  • Create a virtual Showroom to allow potential customers to experience specific features of your products and share information about the product they are considering with other people.
5. Display information about products unavailable in-store
  • Promote a broader range of products, allowing customers to compare models without having to maintain stock of all items in-store.
6. Point of sale iPad kiosk
  • Let customers order and pay through an iPad floor stand, or iPad wall mount, allowing them to skip the line at the checkout.
7. Identify a perfect product match
  • Customer service technology to help visitors select the ideal product (e.g., fragrance or skincare product, or sunglasses) with customised software.

Hardware Considerations

When installing iPad tablet kiosks or android tablet kiosks for use by the public in retail spaces, it’s essential to protect and secure your investment within a durable iPad enclosure to guard against theft or accidental breakage.

Providing opportunities for visitors to interact with a tablet floor stand or tablet wall mount during this time also means planning how to ensure potential touchpoints are clean and safe for use.

Tablet kiosk stands can be equipped with sanitiser wipes and/or hand sanitiser pumps to allow visitors to disinfect before and after use. Touchless solutions, like the iPad iOS’s native Voice Control features, can also allow visitors to interact without exposure.

Software Options

While many of the case studies to date feature custom-built software solutions, as more retailers adopt iPads and android tablet kiosks in-store, more ready-made app solutions are being introduced.

Whether you are looking to deploy an iPad wall-mounted, touchscreen for employees to clock time, a freestanding Samsung Galaxy Tablet floor stand for contactless transactions, or a desk-mounted Lenovo Tab stand for visitor check-in, Jacloc has a secure stand than can be customised to suit your business needs.

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